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OnSlaughtRadio.com Pushing The Metal
July 2011

World Beneath World is currently receiving ongoing airplay from their new friends at onslaughtradio.com in the UK. To request "Sophisticate" or "The New American Way", go to onslaughtradio.com, click "listen live" then type in song name and follow onscreen instructions.

On July 12th, 2011 "The New American Way"debuted on Idaho's only real rock station KBEAR 101 at 5:00pm drivetime. The overwhelming influx of calls kept the station's phone lines lit up and left many listeners' calls unanswered. Keep KBEAR's request line flooded with World Beneath World by calling 208-535-1015.

And after winning their first week of competition (or was it their second?) on KEGL.com's weekly Battle Of The Bands, WBW is currently at battle again and appreciates your vote! To vote, go to kegl.com, scroll down to the left side of page, click on World Beneath World "The New American Way", enter your email address (one vote per address) and click vote. A confirmation will be sent to your email.

The band are playing a few select shows gearing up for an upcoming tour of the US and festival dates in Europe at the end of 2011.

WBW Gets Worldwide Distribution
June 2011

Shortly after the independant release of their new cd "Nein", World Beneath World signed a world-wide digital distribution deal with DSN Music. "Nein" went global on June 21st to practically every digital outlet in the world, including iTunes, Amazon, Napster, eMusic Rhapsody, Zune, Starzik (France), mFlow (UK), Verizon Mobil, etc etc.

Immediately following the DSN Music release of "Nein" songs from the cd began to show up on internet radio playlists, most notably KDKT.us where the song "The New American Way" debuted to a world-wide audience on the station's "Loud Lunch" program the day of release, and along with World Beneath World's cover of The Cars classic "Candy-O" is quickly becoming a staple of KDKT.us's "Legends of Rock" program.

Within the first week of release the cd is steadily making it's way onto terrestrial radio, from KEGL in Dallas, TX to KBEAR 101 in Idaho and all points in between, as well as making the leap across the pond to Virgin Radio in the UK.

This Wednesday June 29th, John Bone's interview with outsidethedial.com's LIve 360 program begins airing at 7:00pm CST.

World Beneath World are currently in talks regarding upcoming tours of the US as well as festival dates in Europe next year...............Stay Tuned!!!

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DSN Music

CD Release for NEIN
April 2011

World Beneath World's NEW Album, 'NEIN', is scheduled for its official release Friday, May 13, 2011. The event will take place at: The Rail Club 3101 Joyce Drive Fort Worth, Texas. Come join the madness and check out WBW's latest CD "NEIN" produced by Sterling Winfield. Opening acts: Swallow The Dawg, Orthodox Fuzz, Zativah Kid and Kin Of Ettins.

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Exhorder / Rigor Mortis Tour
April 2011

We just finished a short (but successful) tour with Exhorder and Rigor Mortis through Texas and Louisiana. It was awesome seeing our fan base expand by leaps and bounds each time we go out on the road. At the New Orleans show, Johnny Bone shared the stage with singer Bruce Corbitt and Rigor Mortis, along with Kyle Thomas of Exhorder and Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Down to dedicate and perform the classic Rigor Mortis anthem, "Re-animator", dedicated to Exhorder's recently deceased bass player, Frankie Sparcello.

In The Studio
October 2010

World Beneath World are currently at Nomad Recording in Carrollton, TX, USA with none other than the incredible Sterling Winfield (Pantera, DamagePlan, BB King, The Fugees) at the helm as Producer and Engineer. The nine-song disc is slated for release in early 2011...stay tuned.

Sophisticate Promo Video
September 2010

New video shoot in the works for the recent release of Sophisticate. The promo video filmed by MIPDFW and being edited by MIP Dallas Texas soon to be release in late October 2010.

First 2010 Gig and Live Video Shoot
June 2010

WBW will play their first live show of 2010 and shoot a live video for Lake Of Fire at Pitchers Sports Bar in Arlington, Texas on June 26th. The video is being shot and produced by Poole Productions, Inc. The club is located at 2604 W. Divioson St. The band goes on at 3 pm. Stop by for some great metal, a free copy of the EP and a meet-and-greet with the band!

World Beneath World is the Number One artist on Radiolicious FM

Radiolicious is a new steaming music service for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry - and WBW is the number one artist for three months running. Download the app for free and listen to the debut EP!

World Beneath World EPNew Release 5 SONG EP

The eponymously titled 5-song EP, recorded alongside David Dickinson at Austin, TX's famous Boiler Room Studios, and mastered in England by Andy Jackson of Pink Floyd fame, is already receiving airplay at home and abroad. KNAC in Los Angeles and KLAQ in El Paso, TX are among the first to be spreading the word over the terrestrial airwaves. But the ever-growing internet radio phenomenon is where the EP has truly caught fire. Jango, Wolfhound Metal Radio in Germany (where the response was "through the roof"), Renegade Radio.net, and most notably Radiolicious.FM. Here the EP quickly amassed well over 50,000 listener minutes and shot to the top of their charts and remained for several weeks to become not only the top metal act on Radiolicious.FM, but the number one act period.

With the combined support of terrestrial and internet radio, and the adrenaline-fueled rush of their live show, WBW is turning on old-school metal fans in all corners of the globe and winning over a new generation of kids who are tuning in to the soul-baring sincerity so painfully absent in most metal today. WBW are on the rise and poised to take it to the next level.

Andy Jackson EngineerAndy Jackson of Tube Mastering Masters WBW EP

World Beneath World retained the srvices of Andy Jackson, British recording engineer famous for his work with the British band Pink Floyd. Andy has touched many Pink Floyd projects throughtout their careers and began on the film soundtrack to Pink Floyd The Wall in 1982. Andy put the finishing touches on the debut EP by WBW which is now for sale on iTunes. Get a copy today!

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